Re: Air brush suggestions...

Malcolm H. Houck

What do you use to mix paints that is easy to clean afterward?
Do you have any tricks for pouring the mixed paint into the
airbrush cup without spilling?

I mix the small amounts of paint in a cheap shot glass. The
"Dollar" stores often have any number of varieties.....and I
often get shot glasses with some graduations on the outside.

Being glass, the shot glasses are easy to clean. Pour empty,
wipe out and wipe with solvent. From these discount stores
the glasses are so cheap I treat them as ultimately disposable
and do not hesitate to throw them away if for some reason
I can't get any one of them clean.

To pour first hold the brush in an air brush holder. You can fill
the cup by using a pipette or eyedropper as suggested, or you
can pour directly. When pouring place a mixing stick in the cup and
pour down the "track" of the stick. No spill, no drip, no mess.

Mal Houck

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