Re: Air brush suggestions...


--- In STMFC@..., "Jack Burgess" <jack@...> wrote:
The instructions (which are in Japanese with poor translations) show adding
"stuff" to the airbrush cup using a plastic squeeze bottle with a inverted
"U" shaped spout. However, I use solvent-based Floquil paint nearly
exclusively so plastic containers seem questionable.
Jack -Those plastic bottles (called wash bottles) are polyethylene, inert to almost all solvents. (They will allow some solvents to slowly diffuse through the plastic).

I've always used disposable lab pipettes (polyethylene) for transferring paint which I used to get from work. I thought they were inexpensive but McMasters and Cole Palmer sell them for about $25/100. (My recollection is we bought 1000 for that price.)

I know there are some businesses that sell used medical supplies (I had an employer who shared warehouse space with one of them). They buy out hospitals going out of business, doctors offices that are closing, test labs that are closing.....and refurbish and sell the equipment. They sell the supplies to veternarians. See if you can find one in the phone book. Get some surgical blades too if they have them. They make exacto blades look like a plastic knife from KFC.


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