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What other railroads used the A-3 70-ton Ride Control truck other than
SP and the ATSF?
Railroads that I know of are AA, ACL, ATSF, B&M, B&O, C&EI, CofG, CB&Q, CGW, CNJ, CNW, CRR, D&H, D&RGW, DL&W, DT&I, EJ&E, Erie, GM&O, GN, IC, KCS, L&A, L&N, LV, Monon, M&StL, MEC, MILW, MKT, MP, N&W, NC&StL, NH, NKP, NP, NYC, P&LE, PFE, PM, PM, PRR, RI, SAL, SL-SF, SOO, SP, SP&S, SSW, T&NO, UP, Wabash, WM, and WP.

Are you considering manufacturing a 70-ton solid bearing trucks for an
earlier design say from the 1940s?
I consider a lot of trucks <g>. But there's only so much time.

Brian Leppert
Tahoe Model Works
Carson City, NV

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