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Bruce Smith

In addition, the plastic prep stuff sold with cyanopoxy(or C-pox) allows acetal to be glued.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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Check with your lady friends. There is a nail glue for fake nails that salons attach the acrylic nails to hands with; simialar to superglue, that i have used to attach shocks to express trucks as an experiment. The stuff sticks like goo, and has to be chiseled off. It's cheap, about a $1.00 per bottle. Yes, there are many more uses as yet untried by me. There was an article in one of the mags about someone using the shock from an EMD truck] DA, IIRC] and reusing it for this application. That is what I did the first time.

Fred Freitas

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The problem with the Chrysler truck is that darn shock absorber. Molding it on as part of the side frame would look terrible. A separate part (or assembled parts) would SOMEHOW have to be attached to the side frame--remember acetal plastic isn't glueable. I'm afraid that this would require some R&D that I can't afford now.

Brian Leppert
Tahoe Model Works
Carson City, NV


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