Re: IC 50' SS DD box, series 40250-40499


That's real interesting! I'll buy copies the next time I see Bob. The big thing I don't know is whether the side sill's straight, or if there's a heavier brace under the doors.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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I have photos of IC 40476 and 40394 from Bob's Photo. Info on the back says they were both photographed at Ft. Bragg, NC on the same date, 10-17-51, which I would be skeptical about. 3/3/3 Dreadnaught ends and what appears to be a Hutchins roof and fishbelly u/f. Five panels to the right of the two steel doors and 3 1/2 panels to the left of the doors, the half panel being a truncated panel with diagonal brace. Bracing is a Howe truss. Doors are Youngstown.

This is one of several 50' SS cars begging to be done in resin.

Bill Welch

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Can anyone direct me to a photo of this series? I recently came across an old Walthers kit, that I built about 15 years ago, and I think I'll re-detail it for the prototype it's closest to.

-- TIA --

-- Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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