Running crap was : Re: Accurail single-sheathed box cars and SL-SF single-sheathed box cars.

Clark Propst

Gene Green wrote: "I don't want visiting engineers or conductors unintentionally damaging a resin car while rerailing it."

Gene and all,
My layout is operated twice a month. Most of my rolling stock is resin, the rest has separate details (hoppers are the exception). I regularly operate on three other layouts and have been to the "Op till you drop" weekend marathons. Guys try to handle other's equipment with respect. Trick is to not to give them a reason to touch your stuff : ))

Damage does occur to my cars. It's a price I'm willing to pay to have the most realistic layout possible. Damage is mostly to the plastic models, resin cars are tough. The most common damage is to anything near the coupler. What air hoses I did put on, that haven't been knocked off, I've removed. I like uncoupling levers. Plastic ones disappear quickly. I've had to reglue a couple wire ones.
My P2K tank cars are really beat up. This winter I'll replace most of the plastic hand rails with wire. Something I should have done to begin with.

I think durability starts during assembly. Any model with plastic detail parts should have as many replaced as possible while on the workbench. I recently bought a RTR car in a weak moment. I knocked a corner step off getting it out of the box. The model went straight to the work desk for refurbishing and of course weathering, which includes reweigh dates and chalk marks, before it was put into service.

I feel modeling is about pushing yourself to be better. It's a self gratification thing. If you want an operating layout then modeling has to be your main focus. You can't be a good golfer if you don't play regularly. You also have to know your comfort level. If you've tried to build a couple of resin kits and are frustrated with the results, then maybe you should shy away from them. But, you won't know till you've tried a few.

Operators are different than most on this list. One of the reasons is you can't build resin kits and build a layout at the same time, but most disturbing to me is the fact they don't care. Rolling stock is just a piece in a broad game.
What really ticks me off is when at a train show a guy says "I just bring Athearn cars because I don't want damage my good stuff". I have no time for that attitude!!

Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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