Running crap was : Re: Accurail single-sheathed box cars and SL-SF single-sheathed box cars.

Clark Propst

Most of the cars I've found with damage can be repaired is a couple of minutes. Last one had a missing tack broad (what's the correct name again?). Found one in the scrap box, glued it on and painted it. Box car was back in service.

Models made by Accurail and Bowser usually have protoypes. There have been several articles written on how to make them look like they have separate parts. If you choose the correct paint scheme. Along with some nice weathering they will do nicely.

IMO while Gene is waiting for 'floor money' he should be building all the kits his accomulated over the years and not worrying about any other freight cars until his layout is running.

Focus Old Jedi

Clark Propst

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