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Jack Burgess <jack@...>

Armand asked:
< How do you handle your "Ham Handed"crew members?

When I have an operating session with modelers who have not previously
operated on my layout, I do an 15-minute orientation for everyone giving a
general overview of the operations, how to know which toggles operate which
turnouts, clearance point paint colors, the need to line all turnouts to the
mainline position, etc. I also make sure that everyone knows that NO ONE IS
ALLOWED to touch the equipment. If there is a derailment, they are to call
me and I'll take care of it. Cars are NOT to be picked up to uncouple them.
TTs and switchlists are not allowed to be placed on the layout nor elbows.

I've never had a problem with visiting operators not understanding why I
insist on this level of "hands off". If I know an operator is a
detail-oriented scratchbuilder, I will relax the restrictions on them but I
need to personally know that. (Darnaby can rerail all the cars he needs.)

But for this approach to work, you need to have good track work with few if
any derailments (operator error doesn't count and I usually have someone
forget to set a derail and go off of the track..they do work <g>). You also
need to block the layout so that, when someone goes through a turnout the
wrong way, it doesn't shut down the whole layout (which causes everyone to
feel the need to push their engine to re-establish power).

Just my approach...

Jack Burgess

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