Re: cotton seed oil (was Tank Cars to Transport Molasses)

Bill Kelly

The July 1998 issue of _Mailine Modeler_ has a good article about cotton
oil tank cars by Cyril Durrenberger.
There are 17 photos of various companies cars including three Southern
Cotton Oil Co cars.
Bill Kelly

"switchengines" wrote:
Norm, I would love to help you with a photo, but I can not. In all my
of tracking down interesting photos of freight equipment I have never
across a picture of any of the SCOX cars. What we can probably surmise
from the ORER listings is that they appear to be yet another car fleet
operator that purchased most of their cars on the used market. The
only gives us rated general gallonage capacities for the cars (not
gallonages), and is a hodgepodge of different weight capacities (axel
ratings), so it's not of too much help. Even if you did get lucky and
find a
photo of a car it is not going to tell you much about what the total
looked like as it's probably made up of many different car builders
car types.

Yet another tank car fleet mystery, Happiness, Jerry Stewart
Woodstock, Illinois

Norm Buckhart wrote:

Jerry - would you know of any photo sources for the SCOX tank cars?
Norm Buckhart

"switchengines" wrote:

Tim, let me add something to this reposted messages. Richard has
forgot the largest of the cotton oil tank car owners, Sco Tank Line
(Southern Cotton Oil Company) of New Orleans, Louisiana, SCOX.
They rostered 386 tank cars
in cotton oil service in the January 1945 ORER.

Happiness, Jerry Stewart

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