Re: Railshop H30 covered hoppers?

Bill Welch

This is an amazing review Denny. With two of the upgraded F&C kits, PRR & N&W, I will probably not build one but I do like this engineering and design approach to a kit. I would love an offset twin hopper using this approach.

Regarding the sill steps, I think I would use a length of something like 0.30 x 0.30 styrene as an attachment for the very fine Detail Associates steps that match the kit's. I would drill the styrene first and then insert the steps. The step then become a handle to help secure this assembly to the inside of the sill with ACC. (This is where a picture would rally help.) I might also us some Testors to give tack to the styrene, position it and then wick in ACC. Admittedly the styrene strip would compromise the delicate look of the area of attachment. I think i would also soak the photo etched parts in vinegar to etch them, which I think would give a stronger bond between the styrene and brass.

I think the date you give for the N&W build date is a typo.

Bill Welch

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Has anyone built this kit ? How did it go for you. Are there any tips you can give ?
See Message #93398, It may help you.


Denny S. Anspach, MD

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