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Bill Schneider

As another owner of an operating layout with a mixture of rolling stock types, I can honestly say that the LEAST damaged group of equipment on my layout are resin cars. This is followed by the remaining cast-on detail cars, and bringing up last place (most damaged) are the detailed plastic cars of which I am... err.... somewhat familiar.

My operating practices are somewhat Neanderthal. We do not use magnets or uncoupling sticks. We... HORRORS!!!.... handle the equipment to uncouple them. The biggest casualties are stirrup steps and brake wheels (why?) on plastic cars. The A-Line type steps on the resin cars are pretty much the last thing to break off.

In at least two instances over the years we have had resin cars come off the helix and head for the ground. One was an F&C Lehigh Valley "Wrong way" boxcar that turned itself back into a kit (its now been... re-shopped ). The other was one of Ted's " Essential Freight Cars" that is on loan that was (fortunately) caught by the operator (me) who was sitting in the  middle of the helix before it hit anything hard (Ted - you've off line, right... ?). Both instances were cause not by guest operator error but by layout owner error.

You just can't get good help....

Bill Schneider

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I haven't had problems with cut levers made from wire. Air hoses
are no longer a problem with Hi-Tech rubber hoses!

What I see get broken a LOT are sill steps, ladders, brake wheels.
And handrails on tank cars. To say nothing of scuffing of paint
and lettering. :-(

And don't let anyone at the club near your car with the "coupler
height adjustment pliers". Standard treatment of a low coupler is
to bend the trip pin upwards towards the sky.

Tim O'Connor

I greatly agree with Clark Propst about near-coupler details, air
hoses and cut levers. They just seem to fly off the models on an
operating layout.
Tony Thompson

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