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Rich -

I have the ORER's for May, 1934, and November, 1935: however, I have not found any issue from 1936 for sale. Also have April, 1940 and April, 1941 issues.

A.T. Kott

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First off, there were no ORER issues between July 1936, and July 1937.
The ORER went to yearly July publication due to the depression in July
1932 after being published monthly before that date. The publication went to
quarterly starting with the July 1937 issue. There were small monthly
updates published in the interim. Somewhere in my seemingly endless files I
have some of them, but after a move I can't seem to locate them. I'll renew
my efforts to find them and report to you if I have one that has your
As for the need for a July 1940 ORER issue, that issue is part of the
Kalmbach Memorial Library collection, and you could probably get the
information from them directly. Issues in 1940, and early 1941 seem to be hard
to find, at least in my circle of collectors. Al Westerfield has the Jan.
1940 issue, and the KML issue is the only other one I know about personally.
Anyone out there with more? Trading some sections would be welcome.
Rich Burg

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