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Thank You Al and Cyril for the interesting information on the cars of Southern
Cotton Oil cars, now Norm will have some resources to dig into for help. Cyril
if they purchased cars in small lots new, as you say, that would explain why
there is such a hodgepodge in the ORER, they probable purchased what was
the current production model of the builder they got the cars from. Al, if you
say the Culotta FCRM 2 has a photo of a type 30 GATC car this should give
some insight into the later lettering scheme they used, as well as having the
early lettering from the builders photos.

Happiness, Jerry Stewart

Woodstock, Illinois

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Southern Cotton Oil actually purchased most of their cars new, but in small lots.  They had cars listed as being in service from before 1900.  See the July 1998 issue of Mainline Modeler for some photos.  In the early years they had some very interesting lettering schemes.

Another company that had a fleet of tank cars was American Cotton Oil.  I am not sure how long Southern Cotton Oil or American Cotton Oil owned their fleets of cars.  The 1950's is beyond the time of main interest to me so I have never investigated this.  Look at the ORERs.

I can provide names of some companies that shipped cotton seed oil prior to 1912 if someone is interested.  But read the referenced article first.  That will most likely provide all of the detail you need. 

Cyril Durrenberger

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