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Ian Cranstone

On 2010-10-04, at 6:18 PM, Bill Welch wrote:

I am trying to narrow down when two groups of Fruit Growers Express
steel rebuilds first appeared in the ORER. Here is what I know about

FGEX 10850-10999 appeared by July 1937 and was not in the July 1936
ORER entry. If you have an ORER between these two dates, could you
let me know whether or not this series is present?
This would probably show in the supplements issued every other month between these two dates, which unfortunately I don't have one potential source is the New York City Public Library which has the ORER on microfilm from 1895 to 1960, and having seen these particular supplements a few years ago I can assure you that they have them.

FGEX 52600-52999 appeared by October 1940 but was not present in the
April 1940 edition. If you have access to the July 1940 Edition, can
you tell me if this series is or is not present?
There are three series present in the July 1940 covering this number range:

52000-52679: 180 cars
52680-52779: 100 cars (symbols next to this series denote both increase and reduction)
52780-52999: 1 car

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

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