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Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

Tim O'C writes-

If I remember, the Intermountain axles are around 1.015"
The IM axles measured a pretty reliable 1.012" for a long time. They
changed factories about two years ago and the axles now measure
1.007", a considerable difference. No note of this change is made in
the packaging, and the resulting performance of these wheels is
inferior to what would ordinarily be expected, i.e. in both side play
and rollability. Because of this, I stick with Reboxx wheels as my
only replacements.

Reboxx wheels are still made in the original plant, and the stated
axle measurements are quite reliable, =/- c. 003" or so. All of the
Kadee trucks, including the one new HGC truck that I have have
benefited considerably from exchange with Reboxx wheel sets, several
of the metal trucks benefitting from up to 1.025" axle length, a
balance of reduced side play and improved rollability. I would provide
statistics, but in a very recent operating system crash, I seem to
have lost some data, including my updated truck/axle rollability list.

I note Tim's recommendation to use Neolube, something I have not yet
tried (or thought that I needed).

To make certain that the Reboxx (or Branchline or IM axles for that
matter) roll their very best, I routinely brush the pad of a finger
over the ends to detect whether or not there is a tiny metal snag at
the very tip of the axle (most pass this test). This snag is commonly
virtually imperceptable to the naked eye This is a common problem with
axles made with screw machines that is very easily remedied with a
swipe of fine sand paper, 400+ grit. If left alone, this wire snag
will drag, impeding rollability and scaring up the bearing in the

I do love my Kadee trucks, not only for sheer high quality, but also
for their heft in an area where such weight does the very most good.
I look forward to testing/seeing their 0.088" wheel sets, and I join
others in urging Kadee to make the big leap and provide them as the de
facto default tread size with their new trucks, rather than as an
extra-expense replacement. IMHO, doing so has everything to gain, and
nothing to lose except an opportunity to once again raise the bar.

Although these new Kadee trucks and wheels are listed on their
website, my research with my usual hobby stores indicates that they
will not be available until December at the earliest.


Denny S. Anspach, MD

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