Re: rock island wreck photo

Tim O'Connor

Thanks Andy, that's exactly the thought that came to mind when
I saw that door! In Hawkins-ese, this is a YSD-3 door. :-)

Tim O'Connor

The door is a 5/6/5 Interim improved Youngstown door, much like the Santa Fe
door made by Dan Hall of SouthWest models. This door alone dates the
construction to 1946....
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

The boxcar is from RI series 25000 - 25499 built by Pullman Standard in
1946. The BLT date and twelve panel riveted sides are the clues. The ends
were IDE. The Youngstown door places it in the latter half of the series.
I can't read the repainting date, upper RH corner near the roof, but it may
be 7-54, but the original car had a black background on the herald and Route
of the Rockets to the left of the door (hidden, but likely not there if

Much as I can tell.

Steve Hile

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