Re: rock island wreck photo

Andy Carlson

These are only from my observations, and I can be accused of making blanket
statements from time-to-time..........

The interim improved Youngstown doors were around a very short time. The most
famous, the SP "Overnight" cars, and the Santa Fe cars were built very close
together. When Youngstown brought out their "Improved Youngstown Steel Door",
The first examples were of the 6/6/5 "Upside-down" count, a feature that also
seemed to only last less than a year, though with quite a few users. I have seen
no other examples of the 10-0 IH Interim IYD, only for SP. The 5/6/5 Interim IYD
door was used by the Santa Fe (Bx-44), and now, I see, the Rock Island. All were

Doors can be an important feature on identifying eras, look at the panel counts
and spacing for the Superior doors, very year specific.

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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Interesting comments about the boxcars and the door on the near car. I take it
Andy that when you say that the door dates the construction to 1946, that means
1946 or later? Or were those doors in production so briefly that they were only
used on cars delivered in 1946?

Meanwhile, too bad the tank car isn't more identifiable?

Rob Kirkham

Just noticed an interesting photo on e-bay this evening - it shows a train
wreck with a Rock Island boxcar and an insulated tank car - in colour. Curios
to know if these cars can be identified more specifically (car numbers aren't
visible on the boxcar; sort of visible on the tank).
Its auction number 280569580698.

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