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This car could have had a lot finer detail. I find the rivets especially oversize.
But C-D-S set HO-1 will letter this car nicely and accurately as built in 1956/57--

Use ModelFlex Light Tuscan Oxide or Scalecoat Oxide Red for a car that will be seen under layout lighting, or Scalecoat CN #11 Red for an accurate CN car colour as built. True Line Trains also offers a CN Red # 11.

Hope that this helps,

Steve Lucas.

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car # 1-2995

National Steel Car 40' Boxcar w/8' door, NSC-3 ends,NSC roof.

Suggestions on decals? Bought this on ebay and was surprised at the lack of detail for price. Appears to have possibilities.

Any ideas and thanks in advance.

Mark Morgan

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