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For durability and better availibility of service parts, I stick with my Pasche VL but break out the Iwata when I want to do weathering. I once weathered an N-scale locomotive so subtily, the customer did not realize it was weathered but looked better than the excact same model not weathered. Needless to say, he was hooked of light weathering after that as it brought out a lot of the details.

Jerry Glow
former custom painter

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I have heard this claim made about every new airbrush that has come out since 1970 but have seen little reason to switch from the tried and true Paasche line that has been around since the period most of us model, steam era, and has worked extremely well not only on freight cars but on all manner of equipment. Can you cite some of the advantages you feel the Iwata line has and a range of prices?

Thank you, Don Valentine

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Hi folks,

A quick update for ya...

I just finished shooting a new DVD, "Airbrushing Techniques for Model Railroaders", This one-hour DVD will cover all the basic techniques you'll need to gain proficiency with an airbrush. I also show you some neat and quick ways to clean an airbrush. The DVD should be out in mid-November.

Also, I'm putting the finishing touches on my new line of Iwata airbrushes and accessories. If you're not familiar with Iwata, check out the website. These are simply, the finest airbrushes made, and I highly recommend them. All Iwata products on my page are in-stock and ready to ship. If you are looking for an Iwata product that isn't on my site, just e-mail me, and I can get you a price.



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