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....I still prefer my 50 year old Model H [Paasche].

I have heard this claim made about every new airbrush that has come
out since 1970 but have seen little reason to switch from the tried
and true Paasche line that has been around since the period most of
us model,...
Yes. I too still rely upon my Model H given to me as a Christmas
present c. 1954. I have yet to be struck by any need, or an "I want",
to change. It is a still-available classic bulletproof airbrush.

In some years past when the Naperville meet was scheduled at the same
time of the large industry hobby show at Rosemont near O'Hare airport,
by serendipity I fell into a long interesting conversation with a very
senior Paasche marketing guy who was visiting their booth (Paasche is
Chicago-based, as I recall). He was quite conversant with airbrushing
in general, and the needs of railroad modelers in particular; and when
I asked his opinion whether or not I should be considering changing to
an "updated" type of air brush, he stated quite emphatically that what
I had ( and still have: the ancient -even then- Model H) could and
would do just about everything that the modeler might need or want,
and in this regard no change was either necessary, or perhaps even
desirable (the last in regards to the consequences of ascending a new
learning curve).

If you are able to make your air brush work for you, change is not
necessary. If your brush does not work for you, be introspective
before springing the money to purchase yet another one.

Now that I think about this conversation with the Paasche man, I
recall another denizen of this good list, SGL, was with me at the
time. If he denies it ever happened, he obviously was not paying


Denny S. Anspach, MD

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