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Donald B. Valentine

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I have no problems spraying Polly Scale with my 'H' brush. It's
easier with a larger tip. The 'H' brush has three available tip sizes
(H-1, H-3, and H-5), but is typically sold with the smallest (H-1).
The complete tip assemblies only cost $10.95 retail from Paasche:

I thin about 25% with distilled water, pressure at around 25 pounds;
clean the brush with cheap ammonia glass cleaner, occasionally
disassemble and scrub out with micro-brushes.

-Clark Cooper

While I have purposely avoided the waterbase paints after trying them some years ago it would seem one would want a #5 tip on a Paasche to use them. You mention the #1 tip as being sold on most of them, Clark. That strikes me as a bit fine for most good model paints, Accupaint, Scalecoat, etc. I have sold a number of the Paashe's over
the last forty years, long before Walthers began carrying them, and found the #3 tip worked best for most customers. But the #1 or #5 tip was a good alternate to have to meet the needs of others. I have never used anything but the #1 and #3 myself but, as indicated, I don't care for the water based paints. With the #3 tip most issues can be cured
by adjusting the pressure and/or the dilution ratio. I have found that many people try to paint with too little pressure. With Accupaint in particular one needs 25-30 pounds. Gordon Cannon had the same experience with Accupaint and would use little else.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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