Re: Canadian Stock Cars and Ice Reefers in US

Cyril Durrenberger

There is a photo of a Canadian stock car in the 1920's in Yoakum, Texas on the SA&AP.
Cyril Durrenberger

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I think during the steam era, all livestock had to be quarantined
at the border, at least photos of Portal ND, the border crossing of
the CPR / Soo Line show a building that is clearly marked a
quarantine shed. So, this would cause any cross border livestock
shipments to change cars.
This has been my understanding as well. However, there is a
surviving conductor's train sheet from the Santa Fe in Texas in the
early 1950s showing an empty CN stock car. How it got there is an
open question, but it was there, apparently en route to being loaded.

CP express reefers are relatively common in photos of Soo Line
passenger trains, surprisingly often in No. 1 & 2 close to Chicago.
The story I've heard is they were carrying fish from the lakes
around the Winnipeg area to be used to prepare Lox for Chicago's
rather large Jewish community. Soo 1 & 2 made a good connection
with 109 and 110, The Winnipeger, in St. Paul Union Depot, with an
express car also going through.

I don't know the situation with freight reefers.
I have several photos of CN & CP freight reefers at locations far
below the border, such as southbound towards Los Angeles on a UP
train at Ogden and at San Diego. It's my impression that these cars
were carrying Canadian fish and meat products, though I can't
document that.

Richard Hendrickson

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