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As I remember the discussion on this and other groups concerning the Index that it was the intention that the index would be made available to all. Are you now saying that you have to become a member of the NMRA to access the index, if so then I believe that we are going to be "held to ransom" so to speak. I was of the belief that the information on this list was going to made available to all free of charge. If this turns out to be the case then those of us without access to the NMRA or a friend of it or to another method of access will be severely disadvantaged. Also if the list is to be accessed by another person, who may be in the NMRA and passed on to others then what is the point of making the list part of a membership fee. I don't belong to the NMRA and have no desire to be in it as the benefits to me 5000 miles away are extremely limited. I don't see why I should now have to pay a fee for something that I have always accessed for free.

Please don't get me wrong here I am not bagging or critising the NMRA for those who wish to belong and enjoy the comradarie more power to them and good luck to them. I just don't see why I should be forced into a situation where I have to join somthing to access such an important piece of information and reference material. I believe that this discussion has been held before with information being placed on Facebook and people being told to join that to access it. I was under the impression that this was going to be available to all modellers free of charge as it was in the past in fact I believe that this was stated on some of the groups when it became a concern that the NMRA was going to inherit it. I am sure that it had been stated in the past that access to it would be free, it is now very unfortunate that it most likely will not be.

Rob Mclear
Brisbane Australia.

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It will not cost "tons of money" to access once it is updated and available but will be limited to NMRA members as a benefit to membership. If you don't want to become a member to access it, just get a friend who is a member to access it for you...

Jack Burgess

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