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Schuyler Larrabee wrote:
. . . I'd done all my modeling with a Binks Wren, and still do. Never saw a need for a double action brush, but then that may be my failing, not seeking one out to try.
I do have a double action brush, a Badger "Crescendo" model No. 175-7, which I bought at a yard sale in original packing for, IIRC, $15.00. I've never opened it.
I'll confess, now that Schuyler's broken the ice, that I do the vast majority of my airbrushing with an old Badger single action brush, which works fine for almost everything. I do have a fine Thayer & Chandler double-action brush, but don't often fire it up, partly because I'm not so confident with it, partly because it's more trouble to clean, and partly because I don't often need all that control.

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