Re: research, index,db,yeah, steam era and freight cars, can this group help?

Tim O'Connor

Gordon Andews wrote

... is anyone (at a minimum) tracking articles related to specific railroads?
I think it's safe to say that several thousand people are doing this.

Are any historical groups tracking magazine info for specific railroads?
Since historical groups are composed of individuals, and many of those
individuals are tracking publications (not just magazines but all manner
of books, web sites, pamphlets, prototype sources, etc) the answer has
to be Yes.

How about a listing of steam era freight car articles?
Yes, collectively I'm sure that is so.

Is there a chance that maybe a group like RPI has the data in an accessible format?
John Nehrich, who has single handedly created the RPI database, has
previously published most of this data in a large loose-leaf book but
it's not organized in a "computer accessible" format unless you think
of a large number of text pages as "accessible". But you can subscribe
to the web site for $5/month and have full access to everything there.

Does anyone have a good way to locate articles?
Yes, I try to keep really good notes. I save useful emails, which are
automatically indexed by my email software -- overs the years thousands
of excellent prototype modeling references have been posted to STMFC and
other lists. And I use Google. A lot.

If I could get the raw data I might even be able to do create something
that many of us could use.
There's nothing stopping you from doing that. Start with some data and
add more later. For example, Wikipedia is a free resource -- you can open a
new topic or find an existing relevant topic and edit it -- Anyone can edit
Wikipedia pages! The better documented your notes (esp with references to
primary source data) the more believable your notes will be. All Wikipedia
pages are indexed by Google, and the more people use that page and create
links to it, the more likely it will climb to the top of Google's hit list.

Tim O'Connor

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