Re: Branchline Blueprint 40 ft postwar AAR boxcar

Tim O'Connor

Thanks Ed. Add B&O M-66, M-67 (PS ZU eave), NP (combo doors)
to your list of 40 ft box cars. Many rebuilds received ZU eave
roofs too but that was after 1960.

What class of new PRR box cars received ODP roofs 1950-1953? I
only have information for some X29 rebuilds.

Quite a few insulated 40' box cars received ODP roofs including
many rebuilds prior to 1961 but I digress...

Tim O'Connor


BT offers a 50' ODP, but not a 40' ODP.

There were a number of series of 40' box cars having this type of roof
built from 1950-1953 including 3 series for P&LE, 2 series for NYC, and
one series each for PRR and UP. More came in the late 1950s for GN,
PRR, and UP. In addition there were several series of 40' insulated box
cars including BAR, NH, & MILW built from 1953-1956.
Ed Hawkins

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