Re: more new decals

Tim O'Connor


Is there anything wrong with the Microscale decals (87-911)? I
haven't checked for 50' capacity data in it but the rest of the
lettering and emblems looks pretty good.

F&C actually does two SP 50' single sheathed kits: F-50-5 and
the F-50-6. And Ted Culotta did the A-50-4 (a 40' car). So now
all we need is the all steel, single sheathed A-50-10! :-)

Tim O'Connor

John Golden wrote:
Guys, what model is are you discussing? Who makes it?
Bill Welch said he was doing the F&C kit of the SP 1-1/2 door
auto car, HO scale. It's one of F&C's best moldings, but as Bill says,
does not offer the T&NO reporting marks in the decals.

Tony Thompson

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