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Branchline had not made the 40 ft overhanging roof. They do have a 50 ft overhanging roof from which 10 ft can be removed. I have been hounding them for at least the last 3 years to make the 40 ft. With the interchangeable ends and sides they currently have, this roof would provide a number of additional configurations they could market for a relatively small investment in one die.

Rich Orr

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I didn't think that Branchline made a 40 ft overhanging diagonal panel
(ZU eave) roof. Did they? Jeff English once commented that this group of
P&LE cars were the first box cars on the NYC system with ODP roofs.

Tim O'Connor

Was the Branchline Blueprint 40 ft postwar AAR boxcar produced
lettered for P&LE?

Does anyone have a photo of a Branchline Blueprint 40 ft, 6 ft door,
postwar AAR boxcar, lettered for P&LE, that I can use in my Naperville
talk next week?
P&LE 5000-5999, Lot 774-B, built by Despatch Shops 3-49 can accurately
be modeled with the BT kits. However, I don't believe that BT produced
any P&LE kits.
Ed Hawkins


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