Re: Naperville schedule

Bill Welch

It may be more of a draft. I have exchanged messages w/Joe already related to what I am doing. if you are a presenter you may want to check it out to make sure you are not scheduled to do something you had not planned to do.

Bill Welch

--- In STMFC@..., Dick Harley <dick.harley4up@...> wrote:

For those going to Naperville this year, the schedule for the clinics
(subject to change, of course) is now available on the RPM website:

If the above link wraps, copy and paste the whole link.
Or, just Google "RPM Naperville-Oct".

At the RPM website, click on the link to the downloadable PDF file
for the schedule.
There are a few typos, but you can figure that out and get an advance
look at what will be there and when.
The PDF file "presenter bios" is the list of clinic descriptions.

Feel free to pass this info along to others.

See you there,
Dick Harley
Laguna Beach, CA

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