Re: Branchline Blueprint 40 ft postwar AAR boxcar


Tim, that could be. I am most familiar with the manner in which C&BT shops molded cars. The molds were in parts, ends, sides and roof. All of the ends fit all the sides and all the roofs fit all the sides so they were interchangeable. The three mold parts were fitted together and clamped into one master mold. I did assume Branchline used a similar setup.


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Rich, I think all of the roofs for the 40' cars are in one mold. This
was how they could cost-effectively give you all of the roof and other
options in an undec kit. A new mold would greatly increase costs, not
just the mold itself but also manufacturing cost.

Tim O'Connor


Branchline had not made the 40 ft overhanging roof. They do have a 50 ft
overhanging roof from which 10 ft can be removed. I have been hounding them for
at least the last 3 years to make the 40 ft. With the interchangeable ends and
sides they currently have, this roof would provide a number of additional
configurations they could market for a relatively small investment in one die.

Rich Orr


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