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Thank you so much for putting the schedule (even if subject to change) on your website. It really helps in planning.

Stuart A. Forsyth

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RPM_Naperville meet info:
Because things always keep changing until the last minute, we will have printed versions of the schedule given out at registration table when people are signing in. This is the only way to keep info as fresh as possible. For the most part we have not had that many problems. This is the first year that the speakers have had info about
the schedule before they got to the meet. Seems like that should be a good thing for everybody. Speaker list and daily schedule have been up on the RPM website for about 3-4 months now.
Hope to see you at the meet.
Joe DElia
RPM-Naperville/meet coordinator

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Bill Welch wrote:
It may be more of a draft. I have exchanged messages w/Joe already
related to what I am doing. if you are a presenter you may want to
check it out to make sure you are not scheduled to do something you
had not planned to do.
Judging by what Joe told me this morning, Bill is right: this
is not quite the final schedule.

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