Re: RRED Shirt Day for STMFC at Naperville

Allen Rueter

You mean Saturday Oct 23?

Allen Rueter
StLouis MO

From: sctry <>
Sent: Sun, October 17, 2010 8:07:27 PM
Subject: [STMFC] RRED Shirt Day for STMFC at Naperville

Once again, the Chief Dispatcher of the "Shirts" (aka: Chicago shirt mafia,
Polish National Tour Bowling and Steam Era Modeling Society, those guys with the
shirts, etc.) has declarerd Saturday, October 24, 2010 to be RED SHIRT DAY at
RPM Naperville. He encourages all members in good standing to wear the colors
to maximize their enjoyment of all the Steam Era Freight Car models, clinics and
hospitality and if by chance you can not attend Naperville then we will see you
at Cocoa Beach!

J. Greedy
Recording Secretary - SHIRTS
(unofficially appointed)

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