Re: research, index,db,yeah, steam era and freight cars, can this group

Charlie Vlk

Slicing and dicing is great if you know in advance what you might need 10-15 years from now..... if your interests are fixed and not subject to change cutting apart magazines does save space. But I find the advertisements to have some value as they often show products that can shed light on modeling / research projects.
Besides, I find myself interested in things related to the history of the Hobby.
Seems to me if you want to just save selected pages scanning would be more efficient than having to file paper shreds.
Hopefully Model Railroader, Railroad Model Craftsman, etc.. will make this discussion moot by issuing searchable archival disks like Trains Magazine is doing for the first 70 years of publication.
I do agree that it is the information that is important, not the uncounted (so far... we're starting to pack for a long-distance move!!) pounds of paper and shelf space it takes up.
Charlie Vlk

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