Re: RRED Shirt Day for STMFC at Naperville

Tim O'Connor

I truly never noticed Bill, but I have no problem with folks who
want to make a fashion statement. :-) Like Richard, I like to wear
my FFC shirts at RPM meets. As for staying young, I'm in favor of
that too!

Tim O'


Surely you have noticed that on Saturdays there are a group of us running around in Hawaiian shirts. Mr. Jim Singer purchased a bunch of these one year and gifted them to his posse, Mark V., Stan R., etc and then it spread to a few more of us with a passion for freight cars (to keep us inside the rules of this list). Thank you to Dennis S. from Dr. D. and myself for keeping us young.

I have to go now. I am in a panic because I cannot find either of my shirts!

Bill Welch

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