Re: RRED Shirt Day for STMFC at Naperville

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There seems to be some concern about the validity...some might even venture...good taste regarding the Hawaiian [?] shirts...and speedo that one of our membersd apparently wears out on the beach late in the evening. As far as I can tell, there appears to be little in the way of a beach at Naperville but Cocoa Beach has a real beach and I'm guessing that wearing a speedo on the streets of Naperville might get you a free room night somewhere in the city other than the hotel. Regardless, I have received some questions from the hotel staff in Cocoa Beach about the possibility of one of our guys wearing a speedo on the beach after midnight. I of course deny any possibility of one of our guys...I mean...a speedo? You're kidding, right? BTW, for those curious...there is really nothing illegal about wearing a speedo [ or any part of it ] in Cocoa Beach...well, there is the matter of taste I guess. The real issue concerns the loggerhead turtles. For those that don't know, Cocoa Beach is one of their prime nesting areas and the little buggers [ the newly hatched ] head for the water soon after hatching. Lights confuse them [ so such lights are not legal during the night ] and, apparently, someone [ to be nameless ] wore a brightly colored speedo on the beach late in the night which caused 12 little bugger turtles to head for the Hilton's swimming pool. This caused another problem [ noises sounding like screams ] at the pool [ apparently several "guests" were trying out the pool sans speedos...or anything else ]...not our guys of course when the turtles arrived.

BTW, for those that don't know, Cocoa Beach...while normally a rather sedate and conservative place these days...was once home to a rather more "fun loving" crowd, particularly back in the mid 60's when the space program was in its infancy. More than one self styled astronut tried unsuccessfully to reach orbit after dining in the old Mousetrap restaurant [ long gone I fear...burned down a few yrs ago when another potential astronut thought he could...well...anyhow it was a famous landmark. Durangos sits there now although, alas, it is now closed. Nooo problem, we'll be doing our dinner at Silvestro's not far from the hotel. And, while the subject of Cocoa Beach's night life is still on my mind, when those that attend Prototype Rails are here in Jan, you might note that back in the early 80's [ I think ], the NASA Center Director [ the guy in charge at vKennedy Space Center ] apparently thought he was in charge of most things here and was apparently caught running down the beach late at night sans speedo or anything else, not having taken the time to dress before he leaped out of a window of a nearby house. Try as he could he was unable to convince the local security officials that he was simply in training. He, BTW, did not retain his position at the center for too many nights thereafter. He upset the turtles of course.

Mike Brock

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