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Thanks to help from Steve Hoxie, I am working on a decal set for the CK scheme applied to the first 1000 cars.

Prelim artwork:

Jerry Glow

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We at WrightTRAK are pleased to announce the introduction of a new freight car. At the show in Naperville we will be selling our new HO scale resin X29D kit. This kit features our usual one piece body and a separate underframe. This kit also includes the correct Bowser trucks, Kadee grabs, roofwalk and brake wheel. Tichy ladders and brake gear are also included. We decided NOT to do custom decals for this car due to the fact that Microscale has the correct ones available. This would have also added about $6.00 to the cost of the kit and we felt that having the kit priced at $55.00 or more would be a deal killer.


Denis Blake
WrightTRAK Railroad Models

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