Re: Charles Winters' Photos

Rufus Cone

After reading previous messages and while searching for Louis Marre
(U. of Dayton) on the web, I found this link to an obituary of Charles E
Winters IV (see page 2 of the pdf) from the Fort Smith Historical
Society Journal V30 #2 September 2006. It states that Charles Winters
died Feb. 24, 2006,

Charles Winters' collection was donated to the Fort Smith Trolley Museum
according to their newsletter #91. There was no mention of negatives.

The Fort Smith Trolley Museum has named their Archive and Library after
Charles Winters.
"Visitors will see the newly remodeled Charles Winters Library and
archive building."

The several prints I purchased from Winters were of very high quality.

Rufus Cone
Bozeman, MT

On 10/19/2010 2:27 PM, lnbill wrote:

I was able to get several freight car photos from Prof. Marre as well
as many early photos of Southern Rwy. FT's and F-3's. Recently Jay
rented these freight car negatives. I have lost my contact info for
Mr. Marre but my memory is I contacted via email at a college or
university account.

I have been urging/bugging both Jay and Mike Grubber to access the Bob
Lorenz collection, apparently to no avail.

Unknown to many, Harold K. Vollrath has a nice but small list of
freight car photos.

Bill Welch

--- In <>, Ed
Hawkins <hawk0621@...> wrote:
On Oct 19, 2010, at 1:33 PM, Victor Baird, wabash2813 wrote:

What is the status of his collection? From whom are they available
from? I ask because I note someone selling prints (not negatives) on
ebay and they mentioned that they came from his estate. ....
Negatives from the Charles E. Winters collection went to Louis Marre. I
don't know if Louis is making freight car prints available, but I've
seen selected photos printed by Jay Williams.
Ed Hawkins

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