Re: Reefer Traffic on the Pennsy

Richard Hendrickson


Why not post the photo(s) here and let all of us take a crack at
identification? After all, where is it written that you have to do it
all? Besides, I'm sure there are some here who would love to embarrass
themselves. I know I would.
An interesting idea, Byron. I think you overestimate how many people out
there would spend the time and effort to participate in such a project - I
notice that nobody else has seconded your motion! However, on the
principle that two heads are often better than one (depending, of course,
on whose heads they are), I'll be happy to send the JPEGs to you directly,
once I've made up my mind which yard shots I'm going to work on next.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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