Re: New from WrightTRAK (SAL V-9 vents)

Todd Horton

Denis, during what time frame were the cars re sheathed?  Todd Horton

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Tim. We are doing them as built first. The resheathing was done later on. That
is not to say we will not do the car. We are going to do them with the plate
ends and woodsides if sales of the v9 are sufficient to warrant it. Denis
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I have a 1955 photo of SAL 79633, a V10 that's been resheathed with
steel sides. Is this the style of car that is being produced?

Tim O'Connor

FINALLY! IMHO the SAL V-9/V-10 vents were some of the most visually appealing
examples of the ventilated box car design. Everyone can use at least one car and
southeastern modelers will need several. Hopefully sales will justify a follow
up run of the V-10 vents. Good luck and a big thanks to WrightTRAK for finally
producing a much needed southeastern car!

Buddy Hill

We will also be taking reservations for our upcoming Seaboard Air Line V9
ventilated boxcar. This car will feature all of our normal features as well as a
very comprehensive set of decals and correct Andrews trucks.


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