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Apparently some think so. As Elden said, clear photographs of the first 1000 cars showing the ends are hard to find. There is some indication that the ends of the first 1000 cars were different from the last 200 cars. Absent photographs the only other way to resolve this would be to find the communication and orders for the parts used to rebuild the cars. I take it that this concern is why Jerry Glow decided not to do the CK X29 decals.

Rich Orr

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Rich, Elden,

I am not real clear on what is being said in this tread. I now understand the
first X29D's were probably "new" January 1952, but is this 1952 prototype of
different physical characteristics (other tha paint) then the WrightTrak model
being discussed.

Paul Lyons

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X29D first appeared in the ORER in April 1952 issue for PRR that means they were
"new" in January 1952 (PRR ORER listings are 3 months behind the date of issue).
The first 1000 cars were delivered by mid 1953. These were delivered in the
circle keystone scheme. While the number series assigned to the class provided
for 2900 cars, I have not seen an ORER showing more than 2880 cars. Doesn't mean
that other 20 were never received. Just I have not seen a number that high. The
shadow keystone was first applied in Feb 1954 to the 10 X48 (PS1). New cars
delivered after that date would most likely be shadow keystone cars.

The important question is were any of these painted with the "calendar" style
road numbers which were applied for a very short period of time about 6 months
in 1954.

Rich Orr

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Good morning Jerry and Group,

First, Jerry, thank you for the efforts regarding a CK decal set for the
upcoming WrightTRAK PRR X29D.

Second, not being a PRR fan or having any knowledge hidden away on my library
shelves, just what are the dates that these cars were first rebuilt and entered

Bill Keene
Irvine, CA

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Thanks to help from Steve Hoxie, I am working on a decal set for the CK scheme
applied to the first 1000 cars.

Prelim artwork:

Jerry Glow

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We at WrightTRAK are pleased to announce the introduction of a new freight
car. At the show in Naperville we will be selling our new HO scale resin X29D
kit. This kit features our usual one piece body and a separate underframe. This
kit also includes the correct Bowser trucks, Kadee grabs, roofwalk and brake
wheel. Tichy ladders and brake gear are also included. We decided NOT to do
custom decals for this car due to the fact that Microscale has the correct ones
available. This would have also added about $6.00 to the cost of the kit and we
felt that having the kit priced at $55.00 or more would be a deal killer.


Denis Blake
WrightTRAK Railroad Models


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