Iwata Airbrushes

gary laakso

My newest airbrush is the Iwata HP-BC1 Plus for enamel paints. It has wonderful control, i can use a paint jar with it and I have used it, along with my ancient Paasche for airbrushing the "truss rod town" of now 11 Westerfield Great Northern truss rod boxcars and Sunshine truss rod reefers: 4 FGEX, 4 WFEX and 2 BREX. I am nearly half way done with GN truss rod boxcars and have more truss rod reefers to go. The Iwata has much more precise control and works very well using Floquil, Star Brands and Accupaint. Besides, i got a great deal on the price!

gary laakso
south of Mike Brock

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