Warning Labels


I told my wife today that the next time I say I'm going to paint a model with
water-based paint, that she should take the biggest, heaviest iron skillet we
have and SMASH ME over the head with it first.  It would be a much more
efficient means of causing pain and complete frustration.

Today, in just 45 minutes, I managed to ruin the roofs and ends of three FGE
cars and a GN DS box car with splotches, blobs, paint oceans, and other problems
from using water-based paint.  I should've known better.  And this was after
spending mucho Johnny-bucks on paint and thinners, cleaning the airbrush for 45
minutes, cleaning numerous clogs and malfunctions, and most importantly wasting
an hour away from the wife and kids.  My reward for all this effort?  Another
four hours of work.  Next the models will get sandblasted (again), then dried,
then painted with good, old fashioned, sticky-but-perfect Scalecoat.

No kidding; that stuff should have a Warning Label on it that reads something
like this:

Warning: This stuff approved for bush-painting only.  DO NOT not attempt
to airbrush.  Using this paint with an airbrush will cause irritation, anxiety,
frustration, anger, and homicidal behavior.   Excessive smashing of nearby items
may result.

Rant complete.

John Golden
Bloomington, IN

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