Re: Iwata Airbrushes

Douglas Harding

Marty, I have used an Iwata Airbrush for about eight years, I have only used Acrylic paints, Model Flex almost exclusively. And I
shoot straight from the bottle unless a custom mix is needed. I also like to place my paintbooth near a sink with hot running
water so as soon as I finish painting I can immediately hold the airbrush under running water and cleaned it. I also learned to
keep some Windex handy in a larger paint bottle, to spray through the airbrush, the ammonia in the Windex cuts the acrylic paint
very nicely if you have difficulty cleaning the needle or the tip.

The only airbrush problem I have ever had spraying acrylics was when I let some paint residue accumulate on the needle. Other
problems were because paint had gone bad, ie frozen in transit or something causing it to form a geletous lump in the bottle.
Badger has been very good at replacing any paint I had go bad.

Doug Harding

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