Re: PRR standard red oxide paint and GLa trucks

Benjamin Hom

Steve Lucas asked:
"I'm building a few P-Company cars and would like suggestions as to the
best model paint match for them."

It depends on when you're modeling. For cars painted before 1945, I prefer Polly Scale Zinc Chromate Primer; for cars painted after WWII, PollyScale Special Oxide Red.

"Also, would GLa hoppers have been fitted with Crown trucks?"

Yes, according to Tracing No. C422800-E, but of the 50-ton variety (PRR Class 2D-F1). These have a 4 in shorter wheelbase than the 70-ton trucks available in HO scale from Bowser and Walker Model Services.

"And did TKM ever carry an article on the GLa cars?"

No. Your best bets for the time beinng is the GLA chapter in Teichmoeller book or the corresponding article in the April 1993 issue of Model Railroading, and Richard Burg's article in the February 2002 issue of Railmodel Journal. Additionally, there are prototype photos in Jim Hunter's classic Athearn twin kitbash in the August 1986 issue of RMC.

Ben Hom

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