Re: Naperville

Clark Propst

Gee, there's as much hot air on this list as there was over the weekend : ))

Enjoyed out chats Bill,
Clark Propst

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Would having actual "scale air" in the air lines help or hinder the "O" scalers in resolving their dilemma?!

Bill Welch

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I'll chirp in on this one. Thought it was one of the best N'villes ever!

Having evolved passed proto freight car building to proto layout building and operation I saw great clinics by proto-layout group members Jack B, Lance M and Tony K. Preaching the philosophy on that group.

Thought the O scale models with the working knuckle couples were really cool : ) Dennis Eggert is trying to figure out how to have is air hoses stay together till the cars are uncoupled. Guess it's being done in O that N scale layout is second to none.
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa

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