Re: Just FYI: selling on Ebay...

Tim O'Connor

I don't fully agree Elden. I'd say there are people who will pay
almost any price for "weathered" equipment regardless of its accuracy
either with respect to the model, or with respect to the weathering.

But my experience with fully built highly accurate models is that a
realistic weathering job will bring in a higher price on Ebay than the
same car without any weathering. The exception is brass, where it does
seem that collectors prefer an immaculate (clean) model in most cases.

Tim O'Connor

It is very interesting that we have two camps developing in either end of the
hobby....those that want extremely technically accurate models but do not
care for weathering...and those that are happy paying gobs of cash for an $8
Athearn car that has been weathered to the extreme. And to think that I just
disposed of all my long-ago-purchased, poorly detailed, but heavily weathered
Athearn/MDC/etc cars!
Elden Gatwood

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