Re: When did IC start modifying their 50' SS DD boxcars into single door cars?

Ed Hawkins

On Oct 26, 2010, at 5:29 PM, Charlie D modeling the Mopac
http://mopac51.tripod wrote:

October 1989 Railmodel Journal (on page 45) shows an IC SS DD boxcar
converted into a single door car (IC 34899).

Does anyone on the list know when IC started this program. I model
circa 1954 and was thinking of changing the Walthers 50' kit into a
single door version and wanted to see if it fit my time frame
The cars were originally built by Mount Vernon in 1929 as IC
162401-162650. In circa 1942 the cars were re# to 40250-40499 as part
of a massive system renumbering program. In April 1951 there were 241
of the original 250 cars in service, and in April 1955 the number was
still high with 233 cars in service. I cannot make any correlation of
IC 34899 to this series of cars.
Ed Hawkins

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