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Steve and Barb Hile

I recall filling out this survey at the NMRA National Train Show, back in
July. And is was just about wheel arrangement and road name preferences for
steam engines. So, off topic.


Steve Hile


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I looked at the survey when I was waiting to speak with Larry from IM
about a potential project. Based on what I saw of the survey, they are
apparently considering another steam project and the survey was
inquiring about the potential interest in various wheel arrangements
with a "fill in the blank" area for roadname/prototype.

I do not recall anything on the survey relating to freight car projects,
though I'll admit to being marginally disinterested since I'm in O scale
and they are out of that business. So...I could have missed it.

Best regards, Rob Adams

On 10/28/10 2:10 PM, Bill Welch wrote:

I noticed behind Dave's photograph of an InterMountain modern Diesel
at the Naperville display there are a stack of survey forms telling
people about seven projects they are considering and asking for our
opinions. I never saw these and actually only saw Frank A. and his
colleague from IM briefly. Can someone elaborate what was on the
form. The first choice looked like something related to a
Consolidation (we could use more small steam) but I could not tell if
there were any steam era freight cars on the list. I hope someone can
give more details.

BTW, the IM website does not seem to be available.

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