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Clark Propst

After knowing me for awhile a friend came up with "The more you know, the less you can model."

I bought a Southern box car decal set from Ted Culotta a few years ago. I had the box car kits needed for the project. I forgot about the decals and built all the kits as home road cars. At this past Naperville I picked up a Red Caboose AAR 37 car and an Intermountain Modified 37 car. The RC kit was ear marked for the Southern decals and I had no idea what I was going to do with the IM kit. It was undec and cheap!

Upon opening the decal package I found that Ted had added a spread sheet listing all the number series the decals would work for, PLUS all the pertinent information for each number series. WOW!.

As you may know I use actual freight car list from the railroad I model to choose cars and numbers. More importantly, lading I can load or unload at my customers on the layout. Taking operation one step closer to the prototype.

I found that most of my documentation was for AAR 37 (RC) cars that had square corners. The W corner post cars, like my model, didn't have loads I needed. There were a couple number series of Modified AAR 37 cars. One with a load I could use. The decal set will do two cars. I'm going to put the decals on the IM model and look for a square cornered RC kit, after passing on them at Naperville...

Ted's thorough research has saved me from inadvertently numbering my model for the wrong style of car. "The more you know the less mistakes you make."

Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa
"I have simple tastes. I'm quite content with the very best." TCM

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