Re: UP lettering

Tim O'Connor

Jerry, if you do UP cars here is a problem I ran into lately:
there is a dearth of UP reweigh/lube dates for the middle 1950's
up to 1965, when the practice of reweigh stencils ended. I've
been trying to find yellow stencils now (for a bunch of cars) but
UP also had white, red and black lettering in this era.

For that matter, Ted Culotta's SP decals and many Sunshine decals
also heavily lean toward the 1940's and often there is only one or
two choices for dates in the middle 50's and later. As a last resort
I use the Champ sets but the lettering is the wrong size, font, or
contrasts in color (Champ white is not opaque).

I think about 80-85% of the cars I model need reweigh dates and it's
definitely a challenge to find the decals!

Tim O'

Thanks Richard. I may not have been clear enough: I was referring to the built date and location which I've found on some in Metcalf's book. Guess I'll have to make them as they are not present in yellow on Speedwitch's set. I was going to do some data for 10'6" IH cars anyway...

Jerry Glow

Here's a list of common UP shop symbols where reweighing was done:
AR = Argo (Seattle) AT = Albina Terminal (Portland), OR + CB =
Council Bluffs, IA CH = Cheyenne, WY COL = Columbus, NE DE =
Denver + GI = Grand Island, NE + GR = Green River, WY LA = Los
Angeles NP = North Platte, NE NA = Nampa, ID OG = Ogden, UT OM =
Omaha + PO = Pocatello, ID WW = Walla Walla, WA (a + indicates a
larger shop where heavy repairs and repainting was carried out).

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